Deborah is an Irish artist . She studied in NCAD Dublin and lived in the USA for five years where she had a studio in Dumbo New York.

Homesick for thee green fields, cattle & family she now lives in Dun laoghaire where she paints every day . And loves making things..........happy out .

Deborah Donnelly's work is all about colour........A large farm scene, The Harvest, owes much to French painting at the turn of the 20th Century, and maybe even a little Van Gogh......a downtown pub scene, Bewley's Cafe, captures all the hustle and bustle with energetic brushstrokes  A prolific oil painter in the style of the masters her work features in galleries in New York , London and Paris.

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Eamonn has over thirty years experience in creating new concepts for the retail and export market .  Brands such as Eamon Glass , Dolce Verre and Avoca Blue are synonymous with his portfolio of glass , ceramic, jewellery , christmas gifts and home accessories .

With accolades such as DHL Exporter of the year and Up and Running TV awards.

Cunningham an entrepreneur and philanthropist by nature he has seen many projects through fruition to success . Artists at Irish Table Top is becoming his latest and most exciting venture !

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why us?

Art has always been a significant part of the heritage and culture of our island and we feel we can honour this tradition while delivering contemporary living for the most discerning and appreciative audience.

Together we bring you something unique. Working with the Finest Irish artists and the finest manufacturers we present to you to a collection of couture and home accessories.


Together we support a worthwhile cause of empowerment for Girls and Women around the world .

Every Voice matters . Lend yours . You can spread messages that lead to revolution !

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Thank you, Deborah and Eamonn .

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